September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Happy September! I finally broke away from my collage themes for this month’s spreads, and I’m so glad I did! The only tools I used were my black Sharpie pen and three Crayola supertips markers. My general theme this month was books, but since I only used three colors, I incorporated some simple wavy lines so that I didn’t have to go heavy on the drawing for every single page.

I kept my title page pretty simple with a small bookshelf centered over the word September. I’ve seen a lot of people doodle pretty detailed books for their bullet journals, but I chose to keep it pretty simple. If you decide to do the same, I would recommend having a simple color scheme to keep the doodles uniform and interesting. I added a quote page on the left side, and as I said before, I just used the same colors as the books for some line doodles around the quote. I thought more books might have been a little much, so that’s why I went with this.

Next up is my monthly spread. The boxes are 6×5, 6×6 including the top line where I put the dates. I just alternated with the pink and yellow markers for the boxes, and I used the brown marker for the drop shadow. For some reason I always forget about having to write the days of the week at the top of the calendar, so that’s why they’re a bit squished under the title. I will make a point of making my October goal to leave room for the days of the week in my monthly spreads! : ))

This is where we get a *bit* fancier. I don’t usually do trackers like this because I always forget to fill them out during the month, but since I’m starting school online in a few days, I think it’ll be good to build some time into my days to stop and reflect. For the mood tracker, I just drew 30 books on 4 shelves, and I’ll color them in according to ~how I’m feeling~ each day.

I decided to do separate calendars for each habit I’m tracking, and I used washi tape to cover up the boxes as I colored in the background. I’ll be honest, I had quite a time making this spread and had to rip a page from the back of my journal to fix the absolute mess I made of the first two boxes, but I eventually got the hang of it. I had some room at the bottom, so I doodled another little bookshelf. I really like how it came out looking sort of hollow over the background.

You already know my playlist is coming up! : ) For this I just drew a stack of books, and I’ll write one song on each spine. It took me a minute to figure out how books actually look when they’re stacked (oops) but I got it by the top of the pile. I think.

I decided not to do a goal spread, so I replaced it with a memories spread. This is an idea I got from my lovely and creative friend Amy Jia, who bullet journals on her youtube channel! August has honestly been a pretty disappointing month for me, so I’m excited to start taking some time to focus on the good memories that I’m making in this crazy time.

Weekly spreads are back and here to stay, my friends. I haven’t really been making weekly to-do lists because I honestly haven’t had much going on, but I finally have school work to keep track of. These are also 6 dots wide, and I honestly just made them as tall as I thought looked right. I decided to make a separate box for Monday through Friday to keep track of my class schedule since I don’t have it memorized yet. Even though I do have a separate spread with my semester schedule, I think it’ll be helpful to be able to see everything on one page.

That’s all for this month’s spreads! I really had fun with this, and I think the simple book doodles are actually going to make me want to organize my life this month, so yay to that. Let me know how you liked this spread, and don’t forget to share this post on pinterest if you liked it! 

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