Poetry Collection 1

If you follow me on instagram (@byabigailrae), you know I write some poetry. And since its been a while since I’ve posted any creative writing on my blog, I decided to compile the first ten poems I wrote on my instagram into a post. If you like what you see, be sure to check out my instagram for more!


the first drop of ink
grows into letters
bleeds through paper
steps off the page
breathes words
that build a universe.


we fear the first word
will take us nowhere
when there is nowhere
our stories cannot go.

June 30

when the world goes dark, 
the moon starts to glow 
and every moment 
passes by slow, 
I look at the sky 
where I hope you are 
and I say goodnight 
to the brightest star. 

July 25

If i could tattoo a sound inside my brain
it would be the sound of the pouring rain
or new york city under a million lights
or crickets chirping on silent summer nights.

It would be my mother’s laugh
footsteps on a dirt path
an audience singing all of the words
a barking dog, a cat that purrs.

It would be the hum of cars on the highway
or all of my friends dancing last Friday
the smash of a racquet on a tennis ball
the wind in the trees in the middle of fall.

It would be the sound of a busy train
a paddle in the water on a lake in Maine—
but I think if I truly had the choice
I would like it to be the sound of your voice.

August 2

familiar sights
quiet nights
cancelled plans
soup out of cans
six feet apart
close to art
the world has pressed play
but I’m stuck on pause today.

August 19

why are we always
through the rain?

we dodge droplets
as if they’re something to be

but imagine
what we could be if we
paused to feel
each storm that passes
and fades away to sun.

August 27

I’ve been trying to make my poems rhyme
changing the end of every line

but I don’t think that’s what I meant to say—
maybe I’ll get it out someday.

September 5

When the streets were burning,
they said to
stop lighting them on fire.

They told us not to play with fire—
be quiet
as if we saw it as some sort of game.

They tell us not to play with fire
while they stand,
extinguished matches in hand,
backs to our future
as it goes up in flames.

September 12

Thank you for fighting
for change, igniting
a movement, a passion,
for showing us the power of action,
daring us to hope
that every barrier you broke
was the beginning of a future
we thought we could only dream of.

May her memory be a revolution.

September 22

How do you grow?

You take the pain
like the flowers take the rain—
you wait out the storm
with a strength that only comes
from learning how to float
in the middle of a flood.

September 29

I’m fine,
Doing fine
with this life that isn’t mine—
with this waiting,
this chaos, this aching
for a time that has gone.

sometimes I forget
about the stillness of dawn,
the cricket’s duet,
and this star-filled sky,
the chirping sparrow,
and the persistent fly
escaping the window—
they’ve always been there
like this face that I wear
when I’m fine,
doing fine.

October 7

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